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Discover the magical journey with Best Wedding Photographer in Karnal

We capture your best moments of life as in child maternity shoots, pre-wedding, wedding shoots, and many more moments with us.

I got to all the moments which bring joy to your life and refresh your memories that’s why we are known as the Best Wedding Photographer in Karnal, Haryana.

But my aim is to professionally capture the best and the most love moments without losing their originality and the natural content.

Wedding Shoot

Two things define wedding photography to me : real moments and timeless portraits. My aim at every wedding is to capture as many as real moment as possible in the most aesthetic frames and to make portraits that stand rest of time.

Pre-wedding Shoot

We are highly recommended to a client for prevalent photography. As it is a best way to create chemistry between the couple and couple can able to know each other more and also to allow a photographer to know about likes in this likes. We have unique ideas to make your exclusive photoshoot fun and loving.

Maternity & Baby Clicks

I am on established baby and Maternity photographer too. You are in very safe hence-hands, as me and my team will guide you through everything. We will prepare you for decision and also make sure that you have the most comfortable experience.

We got to all the moments which brings joy in your life and refresh your memories.

Pre-wedding shoot
Wedding shoot
Destination weddings
Calendar casual photoshoot for bride and groom.
Maternity and child photo shoot.
Fabulous designer photo books customized to your style.
Stunning posters, collarge for your walls.

The story of

Mohit Photography

Mohit photography will provide you all the facilities to capture your best moments of the life as in child maternity shoot, pre-wedding, wedding shoots and many more moments you want to capture and to refresh your memories.

Me and my team find beauty and awe in the simple, stupid things and I love making simple, stupid things look beautiful and awesome.

I have been in this business for 12 years now and have photographed more than 250 weddings as the main photographer.

I got to all the moments which brings joy in your life and refresh your memories.

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Some Indian wedding photography patterns in India which become exceptionally famous in Indian weddings are: Indian Wedding Photography Trends The most famous most recent pattern in Indian wedding photography during these days is to catch real minutes known as real to life wedding photography in india. The pattern of catching open photographs in wedding is become more well known now-a-days. Wedding proposition photography in india is additionally become exceptionally well known in Indian wedding. In wedding proposition photography, the proposition to be engaged minutes are caught. Another Indian wedding pattern is moment prints of photos. Photographic artists set up their corners in wedding and print moment photos for visitors. In Indian weddings, festivity of wedding begins once before seven days, there are numerous customs and functions done each day, so the minutes of these festivals are to be caught. That is the reason pre wedding photography and cinematography is exceptionally well known in india. Presently, one pattern in Indian wedding photography which turns out to be exceptionally famous is drone wedding photography in india. Drone photography is the inventive cinematography from 10,000 foot perspective, which assists with catching distant regions. Mohit Photography is expert in every one of these. We give every one of these (Candid Wedding Photography, Wedding Proposal Photography, Instant Prints in Wedding, Pre Wedding Photography and Drone Wedding Photography) at Karnal, Haryana, India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowing the number of weddings our videographer has worked on will provide you with a thought of the degree of incredible skill and experience you will get on your big day. It is vital to recruiting an expert wedding videographer in Karnal, Haryana, India so you get a great video of your unique day, so make certain to pick somebody whose experience level you feel OK with.

There are regularly two sorts of videography styles: artistic style wedding videography and narrative style wedding videography in India. Realistic recordings resemble films and incorporate music, enhancements, and montages. They include the videographer shooting areas of the wedding and altering them together later. Narrative recordings are for the most part shot reliably over the course of the day and show the movement of the big day from beginning to end. Ensure that you and your videographer are in total agreement regarding what is generally anticipated from the eventual outcome and what sort of story you need your video to tell .

Obviously perhaps the main thing to ask your videographer is how much his administrations will cost. Commonly videographers offer bundle bargains that incorporate their time, the video, altering and additional duplicates. Audit all of the bundle choices cautiously to ensure all that you need and need is incorporated at a value that you are alright with. Additionally get some information about additional time charges in the event that the function or gathering runs long so you’re not astounded with additional costs when the bill comes.

Your wedding video will be an exquisite token for yourself as well as your friends and family to appreciate for a really long time in the future. Each videographer will invest an alternate measure of energy on your video relying upon his altering interaction and timetable; some might convey your completed film in just two months, while others might take up to a whole year. Ask your videographer what a run of the mill turnaround time is for him with the goal that you have a thought of when you’ll have the option to see your excellent film.

Watching an example film is the most effective way to decide if somebody is a potential videographer for your wedding. Assuming you watch two or three example recordings and don’t feel that they are the sort of video you need, you’ll realize that videographer isn’t so much for you. Assuming you watch several recordings and in a flash experience passionate feelings for, you’ll realize that this videographer is somebody you would need to work with. Requesting references is something that any expert videographer ought to be utilized to and be glad to give. Talking with past customers will assist you with measuring what’s in store from this specific videographer for your unique day.